Monday, 31 July 2006

Fuzzy Logic Producer's report for 31-7-06

Producer: Tim
Contributor: Amy

Aye Up!

Amy and I had ourselves a radio show on the weekend roughly around the theme of astronomy and cosmology.


Stimulating wound healing with electrical current

Hot water bottles help with pain – no it’s not placebo!

Lakes of liquid methane on Titan


Interview with Robert Zubrin on terraforming Mars

How the Moon and other things were formed

Interview with John D. Barrow


New braile writing machine

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Monday, 24 July 2006

Producer's report for 23 July 2006

Producer: Janine

Ably assisted by: (the late) Dean and Brendan

We did a split show this week, with the standard news stories we liked from the week as well as chatting about fears, phobias and anxieties.

Feature stories:

Science slam (the quickies at the end of the show):

Be afraid...
Our discussion of phobias centred around the fact that we all have a fear of something, even though we know it's irrational and disproportionate to the situation. For me, it's spiders, for Dean it's magpies and Brendan's just plain afraid of losing.

But fear does have its place and the fear of snakes could have driven pre-human evolution. And fear could become costly for those afraid of crossing the Chesapeake Bay bridge in the USA.

There are some strange phobias out there (for a pretty full listing, go to, but there is hope for treatments, whether it be using cortisol or D-cycloserine.

This was Dean's first time at the Fuzzy microphone (he previously featured as our Silent Barrell Boy on the second Radiothon trivia show) - well done, please do come back. But no more Manhatten Transfer. Ever.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2006


What are you afraid of? Flying? Heights? Do dolphins get your flight/fight response going? Maybe pickles make you scream & run?

This Sunday on Fuzzy Logic we'll be talking about fear and phobias, so drop us a note in the comments, tell us what your phobia is & we'll try & put a name to it on air.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Fuzzy Logic Producers Report – Broadcast 16 July 2006



Special guest:
Mike Watson – ATSB

Newsy Bits:

New asthma pills, decoding genes, genes show gender differences and the effects of olive leaves on cancer

Feature Articles:

Antarctic winds, more complex vegetation on the way in Antarctica, penguin spies and alchemy by bacteria.

Program summary:

Overall, a great show. Our special guest gave an interesting insight into the world of air crash investigation as well as flying in general. A whole program could have been devoted to the subject. Naomi adding in the event occurring around time is an excellent idea, as there are some great events coming up.

As always, have a great week and take care

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Saturday, 15 July 2006

Coming Up - Special Interview

Don't miss Fuzzy Logic tomorrow. Eamon has a special interview with Mike Watson from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau on air crash investigations.

Fuzzy Logic - Sunday, 11.30am on Canberra's community station 2XX 98.3FM.

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Monday, 10 July 2006

Music on Fuzzy Logic

Hi everyone,

If you like any of the music that we play on Fuzzy Logic; just put up a comment to this post with the date of the show and we'll track it down for you.

Have a great day,

Report 9 July 2006

Hi everyone.

This is the full listing of the show on July 9 2006. We have links to all of the stories.

Producer; Amy & Chris
Contributors; Osman, Mike

1. Mice appear to continually create oocytes

2. Medicine used for HIV in Africa without clinical trials

3. Over the counter depression medications Valerian and St Johns Wort. For more information about depression see

4. "Rats taking cannabis get taste for heroin" - Study suggests cannabis-users may be vulnerable to harder drugs. From news at

5. "Sex before the big game?" - Experts say it doesn't hamper performance. From news at

6. "Anti-smoking vaccine" - A vaccine which could stop smokers getting a nicotine buzz from tobacco is being tested in America. From Ananova

7. Exercise during chemotherapy is good for you

8. Yoga - who's doing it? why? and for what benefits?"

9. Top Five Science Blogs: by Nature and Technorati

Yoga online survey

On Sunday's show I presented a story on yoga, and mentioned an on-line survey being conducted by RMIT (and others) to gather statistics on what sort of people are doing yoga, and for what reasons (among other things). The website for this study is

Sunday, 9 July 2006

Depression, Valerian & St John's Wort

If you're after more information following Amy's discussion of depression on today's show, head on over to Beyond Blue.

Sunday, 2 July 2006

Show Report - 2 July 06


Brendan, Margot and special guest Stuart Cooney (a real live scientist)


  • Pica (having an appetite for non-foods) and geophagy - following on from last week's coprophagia (eating pooh!)
  • Margot did a fabulous interview with Stuart. He is researching the hooded parrot in the NT (it has a wonderful relationship with termites and a newly discovered species of moth)
  • Scientists are too busy to talk to the general public about their work. They're busy applying for grants and doing such crazy research as...
  • Shortening and lenghtening (using stilts) ants legs to discover that ants have an inbuilt 'pedometer'
  • Drunk people can't tell the difference between a person and an ape

And wacky story to end