Monday, 22 September 2008


Here's a sobering quote.

Today the world consumes, from all energy sources, the equivalent of 10 million barrels of oil each and every hour.

- David O'Reilly, Chevron CEO

This quote supplied by Robert Rapier, who I'll be interviewing on the 4th October for a Fuzzy Special on the future of energy. This'll be followed up by an interview with David Fewchuck from the Aurora solar car project.

I picture the Earth as a giant animal swarming with mosquitoes sucking out its oil.

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Monday, 8 September 2008

Fuzzy on Ice

Tune into Fuzzy Logic this Sunday for a polar special. Live on Canberra's 98.3FM 2XX, and in collaboration with CKLB radio Canada, via podcast to North America and Europe.

We'll be riding with the legendary Douglas Mawson on his terrible journey across the ice, and through blizzards. What technology did they use. Why were they there. Why did they eat their dogs.

Here's a fascinating image of some modern day Antarctic explorers, looking for meteorites.

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